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At least, that's what filmmakers, songwriters, and pop-culture creators of all kinds hope is the case. Fireworks have become cheap shorthand.
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Wed, Aug 7, pm. Read Nat Geo's guide to photographing fireworks. The vibrant, aerial displays that impress crowds today were derived in the s, when the Italians combined metals with explosives to develop colored fireworks.

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  • See 25 dazzling photos of fireworks from around the world. These Italian firework families participated in activities like single-shell competitions—rocketing one firework into the sky and selecting a winner based on factors like design, sound, size, and color—says Phil Grucci, chief executive of Fireworks by Grucci.

    By arranging the elements in different orders within the shell casing, the Italians also created recognizable shapes and drawings in the sky. And then, starting in the late s, aerial fireworks migrated to the United States through the same passage as more than 12 million others —Ellis Island.

    George Zambelli, Sr. Both businesses remain family-run and have performed at multiple presidential inaugurations and fourth-of-July celebrations. But while boxes and booklets still govern the foundation of the Italian displays, modern designs and technologies are taking fireworks to new heights—literally. He now sets off fireworks from laptop computers. Why you can't write messages with fireworks—yet. The firework weighed 2, pounds and reached an apex of almost 4, feet. Firework shows in other countries can be larger and more elaborate than in the United States, Grucci says.

    Fireworks in Pop Culture: The History of a Cliché

    Back in the states, however, consumer firework sales have been sky-rocketing since , says Julie Heckman, the executive director of the American Pyrotechnics Association. But complying with government regulations and new tariffs poses challenges to family firework businesses across all states, many of which have stopped manufacturing or putting on shows all together, Heckman says.

    Zambelli, who works as an ophthalmologist by day, is well aware of the physical dangers of fireworks. He has treated a few firework injuries in his time—he advises consumers to wear goggles and to set off shells one at a time—but, ironically, expects the number would be higher had he not been in the firework industry.

    Because on the week of the Fourth, all hands are on deck. Designers are sketching new displays and scoring shows to match musical arrangements, drivers are loading trucks and hauling shells to different launch sites across the country, managers are coordinating schedules with partners and state police, and technicians are fine tuning their systems for the dusk launch.

    He puts his hands up in the air and boom, boom, boom, boom.