Manual Civilisation Hijacked: Rescuing Jesus from Christianity and the human spirit From Bondage

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The only solution to this is through a particular style of Education already in use worldwide. Early intervention is vital. This book does not destroy faith, it encourages and focuses it as a rational, experiential recognition of the individual and collective human spirit. The collective consciousness must be harnessed for the Herculean task of saving humanity from the fate of self inflicted annihilation. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. Published November 16th by iUniverse first published November 12th More Details Other Editions 3.

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That is a foreshadowing of what is to come if such radicalism prevails again. Finally, it is obvious in this light that you are insistent on an agenda that refuses to attend to what the OP raises. Why is that? Because, the moral principles of the Bible stand in the way of where you and your ilk want to take our civilisation: NeroRom 1 chaos.

Nayirah testimony

So, you will bend every rhetorical sinew, wrench scripture heedless of any balance or correction, dismiss the actual demonstrated heritage of contribution to reform and freedom in a race to Sodom on the Tiber, or the Hudson, or the Thames or the Seine, or the Hope, or whatever other place. We simply note the demonic chaos you would heedlessly set loose, and recognise it for what it is.

In answer, we start yet again from basics: even your implicit attempt to persuade us that we OUGHT to dismiss the Christian Faith and its Scriptures pivots on our intellectual life being morally governed in a world that is morally founded. Thus, there must be a root to the world adequate to sustain creatures inescapably morally governed by duties to truth, to right reason, to prudence [so, warrant and so reform rather than chaos], sound conscience, justice etc. Where, duty to justice, duly enlightened, is precisely the pivot used by Paul in addressing oppressive inequalities in Philemon.

But so blind are you that you refuse to register or respond with due regard to what we are dealing with in this short epistle. The charter of human freedom in our civilisation, the original — but too often unrecognised — charter of civil rights.

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With a proved track record, twice, of opening up culture transforming reformation. That is how it is no accident, that the motto of the Antislavery Society comes from this text. It is that unyielding, blind, ruthless, radical unreasonableness and unresponsiveness on your part that is utterly telling and it is duly noted. Do not be concerned about it.


But if you can gain your freedom, avail yourself of the opportunity. All of which are big, bright red flags. We can cut to the chase scene: there is precisely one serious necessary being world-root option that answers to the IS-OUGHT gap: the inherently good, utterly wise creator God, a necessary and maximally great being. One, worthy of our loyalty and of the reasonable, responsible, honourable service of doing the good that accords with our manifest nature.

Until you provide a serious root for morality independent of God, we need not take attempts to argue against God, theism and linked traditions seriously. They become parasitical attempts to saw off the branch on which we all must sit. Or, to poison the well we all must drink from.

civilisation hijacked rescuing jesus from christianity and the human spirit from bondage Manual

Manifestations of potentially ruinous misanthropy. Now, we can go further, noting that the pivot of the Judaeo Christian tradition of ethical theism is the gospel, in the context of the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Hebraic Scriptures. In the words of St Peter, on the eve of being crucified by the demonic, perverted mad man and dictator for life, Nero, on a manifestly false charge of being ringleader of treasonous arson against Rome [and in order to deflect suspicions that pointed fingers to Nero due to his increasingly obvious chaotic tendencies], we hear:.

Those interested in seriously examining the underlying facts are invited to go here on. Have the objectors pointed to at least one biblical passage that supports their statements? Are we to sin because we are not under law but under grace? By no means! Romans I am speaking in human terms, because of your natural limitations.

Galatians Now this may be interpreted allegorically: these women are two covenants. Galatians But what does the Scripture say? They are to teach what is good,. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved. Yes, as explained in the Bible, duh. You attack someone and lose either you die or become their slave.

PaoloV, their failure is in the textual context a refusal to take the trajectory of the text into account, as that is rhetorically inconvenient to their agendas. Agendas we understand all too well as we too have read Alinsky on his favoured tactic of demonisation and scapegoating.

Meanwhile, foundational challenges and sobering lessons of history are studiously evaded; another warning. It is time to expose the misanthropy at work, and to point to Robespierre and co on the now drearily predictable consequences of such radicalism. So, because I was a slave the Israelites were enslaved for hundreds of years, which, by the way, is not based in fact, ,,,,.

Since empirical evidence does not matter to the Darwinian Atheist when it comes to biological life, and the Darwinian Atheist believes in Darwinian evolution in spite of the mountains of evidence to the contrary , it should not be surprising that BB is either unaware or that he is purposely ignoring the mountains of historical evidence in regards to the Israelites being enslaved by the Egyptians for hundreds of years.

Unlike the Koran which is full of historical inaccuracies,,, The following video reveals that the archaeological evidence contradicts many of the core claims that are made in the Koran :. Unlike the Koran which is full of historical inaccuracies, historically the Bible has indeed proven extremely resilient in its historical reliability with stunning archaeological confirmation:. News and World Report, Oct. In regards to the Exodus in particular, likewise that has, via archaeology, proven to be historically accurate. Archaeological and historical articles dealing with the validity of the Exodus-Conquest narratives of the Old Testament, circa B.

Has the Exodus Really Been Disproven? The reason for the rejection of the exodus tradition is said to be the lack of historical and archaeological evidence in Egypt. Those advancing these claims, however, are not specialists in the study of Egyptian history, culture, and archaeology. This book examines the most current Egyptological evidence and argues that it supports the biblical record concerning Israel in Egypt. Thus BB, since he apparently desperately wants his atheism to be true, is willing to ignore any and all empirical evidence to the contrary and construct his own version of reality out of his own imagination.

Besides denying, despite much evidence to the contrary, that the Exodus ever even happened, it would not surprise me one bit if BB also tried to deny that Jesus ever existed, must less BB believing that Jesus rose from the dead:. They may not say that Jesus is the Son of God, but they will say there was an historical figure named Jesus of Nazareth. But Tom [Harpur] has very grave doubts about this, so he claims. Now that floored me right there. To save himself, he blames the Christians.

This Roman historian says that they are named for a Christus, who was crucified by one of our governors, Pontius Pilate. What more do you need?